Collecting Rocks

Mindfulness & Well-being

I don’t know too much about Feng Shui, but my flat is filled with nature and art. It feels incredibly calming and welcoming and I think this must mean it’s good Feng Shui.

For some reason, I love to collect rocks and like include them in little compositions around my flat. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate them into your home.

Stacking Rocks

I found some flat pebbles on the beach and stacked them. They sit next to my TV and look really effective.


Collecting Fossils

I’m starting to build a collection of fossils. Alas, I haven’t found any of my own yet, but maybe I will one day! The fossil in the picture was found on a Cornish beach.

Painting Rocks

Start by searching for the perfect shaped stone, smooth is best. Draw an outline first with a pencil or fine-point marker pen and then paint with acrylic paint. Simple!

Soap Stone Carving

Ok, I know this is sculpture, rather than a rock, but it’s made if stone, so I wanted to include it. I bought it at an antique fair, apparently it was carved by an Inuit. I think he has real soul.


Here is my own (rather less accomplished) version! I carved it out of soap stone using a rasp.


Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Small wood saw
  • Rasp


  • Soap stone
  • Wet/dry sandpaper sponge
  • Varnish (Danish Finishing Oil works best but is toxic and not child friendly. A non-toxic but less protective method is beeswax).


  • Cut out all unneeded soapstone using a small wood saw
  • Use a rasp to shape your sculpture into the design you want
  • Rub wet/dry sandpaper over your soapstone carving
  • Rinse and dry the sculpture, then varnish it and hey presto!

Student’s Work

This is such an simple craft, I found the student’s really enjoyed it. It is extremely messy though and every time I introduce this activity they pretend the powder is cocaine. I strongly suggest wearing a face mask and having a hoover available if you do this.

Henry Moore

If you want to research into stone sculpture, I’d recommend looking up Henry Moore.

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