Needle Felted Landscapes


I created this using the needle felting technique.


Needle-felting is a process which uses barbed needles to interlock wool fibres. The fibres eventually become a denser material called felt.

Wellbeing & Mindfulness

I love to create my own impressionist interpretations of landscapes and find painting and felting landscapes extremely therapeutic. I’m from a village in the countryside and much of what I create is inspired by the landscapes and nature surrounding where I live and spend time. Having said that, I do enjoy creating landscapes from my imagination just as much.

I also find needle-felting a therapeutic technique because if I ever make a mistake I can easily pull it off and start again or just cover it up with more wool. This means there is less pressure.

You will need:
• Merino wool
• Felting needles
• A cushion (for a surface to work on) or a needle felting brush mat
• Wet-felting mesh
• Soapy water
• A Bamboo blind


Dunnkint Designs


You might find it easiest to work from a photograph. If you’re looking for inspiration, photographing the landscapes and your surround environment first is a great way to start.

1. Layer the wool to create the background of the landscape
(Optional) Wet-felt
2. Wet-felt the background and main features
3. Cover with a layer of mesh and rub (wet out) with soapy water and a sponge. Try not to spread the wool.
4. Gently rub the wool with a flat palm – this is to remove the air and coax the fibres together. Do this for 20 mins.
5. Peel back the mesh carefully.
6. You could roll it in a bamboo blind, but I didn’t do this.
7. Rinse and soak in hot water to remove the soap.
8. Leave to dry.
Needle Felting
9. Place the felt over a cushion to protect your table and needles.
10. Add details to the felt and tack in place by repeatedly stabbing it with a needle. Basically, layer and stab, layer and stab until it’s finished.

I used the wet-felting process for this piece.  IMG_1697[1]

Very important tip: Watch what you’re doing!


My favourite needle felt artist is Moy Mackay.